Missing Trace data


I’ve noticed that with some of my past training flights where I have filed IFR with my instructor, the actual flight trace has been missing. I thought that maybe it was due to being too low of an altitude while training at nearby airports. However, yesterday I was on an instrument flight plan at 6000ft and the track data is still missing. The filed flight data is there (with actual departure and arrival times), but not the track log. There’s a message saying “No History” when I click on track log. (see link below)


What’s happening with the data? Is the flight too short? Some other flights with this same rental plane show an inconsitency with the track log data (sometimes there - see April 7th flights, sometimes not - see any flights after April 7th).


You probably never entered the national system. Doing a SEARCH of the forum, I found the following:
discussions.flightaware.com/view … nal+system
discussions.flightaware.com/view … stem+tower


Thanks. That is probably true. The flights that do show a trace are handled by Boston center, whereas the other flights are handled by local approach/departure control.