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Missing Flights at Ariports

Good afternoon.

We are your customers, and we are spending about 200,000 queries per month (later this month), and we are thinking of adding more airports (where we will overcome the 300.00 monthly queries), but we have a problem in 4 airports where do not get almost any flights.

We currently use 4 Queries (which are Enroute, Arrived, Departed and Scheduled) in 26 airports, but 4of this Airports, missing almost all flights. The respective ariports are:
- VAR (LBWN) (Varna, Bulgaria);
- VIE (LOWW) (Wien (Vienna) , Austria);
- VCE (LIPZ) (Venice (Venezia) , Italy);
- OTP (LROP) (Bucharest - Otopeni , Romania).

We need to know why this is happen? (because we want to add more cities)

He have some urgent in this.

Best Rergards

We currently do not have comprehensive coverage in these areas. However, coverage will rapidly increase in the next few years with the adoption of ADS-B as the flight tracking standard.

Furthermore, if you have an operational interest in flights at these airports, we could give you access to our Eurocontrol data stream available via FlightAware Global. I have emailed you directly with more information on this.