Missing Flight


My IFR flight from AVX to SMO in N6834R on 12/9 never showed up. It was filed with FSS and departed IFR. It was not a pop-up in other words. Departed about 0240z, which was kind of cool because Catalina normally doesn’t allow departures after dark. The outbound flight the other way an hour or so before is there, though.

I looked at other threads about this but didn’t find a current explanation.


We sometimes have anomalies with flight tracking of “local” flights with very short legs that don’t leave the same control facility (in this case, socal approach). We received the following flight plan:

N6834R C210/G 0155 AVX P0245 040 AVX..SXC.V21.SLI.V23.LAX..ELMOO..DARTS..SMO/0030

. . . but the flight itself was reported to us as VFR flight following with no IFR departure notification so the air traffic control system automatically sent a flight plan cancellation a few hours later.