missing flight schedule


When using the API and testing it with a REST client, I am unable to get results for a flight that should exist. There should be results for flights between RJGG and KLAX but none are returned. I am using AirlineFlightSchedules and passing in start and end date, origin, destination but for this particular route nothing is returned although on the FlightAware homepage it does return results. This is the sample of my get request with the account name/key hidden. It works for other origin/destination combinations.

AccountName:APIKEY@flightxml.fli … 0&offset=0

Any ideas? I am probably misunderstanding the API I am sure …

What airline do you think is operating nonstop service between Nagoya Chubu and LAX? I don’t see any.

The flight finder only shows one stop options from operating flights. The flight finder is not currently exposed in FlightXML.