Missing chart on flight planning and ETE time question


Mark / Daniel,

Just finished filing a flight plan through FA.


First, when I mouse over the various altitudes on the screen that offers various flight paths, no chart comes up for Direct. The SQS and other options that included fixes displayed an altitude, airspeed and ground speed chart for easy comparison between the altitudes, but direct didn’t display such a chart. MSIE 7.0 is flavor of browser.

The ETE doesn’t make sense to me.

It gave

KMBO 358 154 KOLV 131 119 322 at 14 16 1:41
(stupid debug wont let me copy paste results)

I filed the following

7 Aircraft tail number: N5321A
8 Type of flight plan: IFR (Domestic ICAO) G
9/10 Acft type/special equip: C172/L VGOLD/C
13 Departure point: KMBO
Departure time: (UTC) Fri Jan 28 14:30
15 Cruising speed: N0110
Level: F050
Route of flight: DCT
16 Destination: KOLV
Estimated time enroute: 0141
Alternate destination(s): KMEM

Comparing to ForeFlight, it’s 15 minutes higher then ForeFlight which gave me 1:26 ETE.

Why such the disparity?