missing argument with name [ScheduledRequest]

I’m trying to invoke the Scheduled method to return scheduled data from an airport. Using the following code:

<cfset username = "xxx">
<cfset password = "xxx">

airport = "EINN"


I get an error "
Message Invalid arguments for operation Scheduled
Detail missing argument with name [ScheduledRequest]"

If I pass in airport,howmany,filter and offset I’m told “Invalid arguments count for operation Scheduled (4 instead of 1)”. Looking at the FlightXML2 Explorer flightaware.com/commercial/fligh … _Scheduled I see 4 possible inputs so how come I get the error? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

The username and password are not passed as arguments, but as HTTP Basic Auth within the HTTP header.

I recommend you look at the ColdFusion example that is already available and modifying that to invoke the Scheduled function instead of the Enroute function that it demonstrates: flightaware.com/commercial/fligh … ation2.rvt