Miracle on the Hudson aircraft up for auction . . . photos .

Click Here aircraft minus engines being auction by AIG Aviation.

Good find Rob, but WTF? What good is that for anything? “An airframe inspection is being scheduled”. For what? So that they can say “yep - that’s the plane. it’s definitely hit something hard, suffered alot of water damage and isn’t worth any more than its weight of aluminum”? I don’t understand. Are they expecting the Smithsonian (or another aviation museum) to step up and purchase it? Not exactly something I can hang over the mantle. US Air needs to purchase it back from the insurer and make a monument of it at their headquarters - excellent PR.

:laughing: or Airbus PR…

Parts list:

New Radome
Sheet Aluminium
Cheery rivets
Duct tape
new seat cushions…

I have an idea :bulb: Maybe the Intrepid Museum will buy it from AIG (hey, don’t we own them?) for $1. In turn they will give all the seats away to the crew and passengers who were aboard the stricken plane. Then they can sell off other interior parts to fund building the display of the fuselage.

I’ll buy it and put it in my back pasture… :bulb: :smiley:

Convert into a diner. Sell goose burgers.

Yeah - you can call them “Sullen-burgers”!

haha - I crack myself up!

Seriously - some entrepeuner is watching this site and is going to do just that.

:laughing: Serve them with a side of “Skiles-fries”!

Would you like Chesley-Cheese on that burger? :unamused: :blush: