Mini DVB-T Digital TV USB Dongle Issue

I have attempted to setup PiAware using a Raspberry pi2 but without success.

The problem lies with my Mini DVB-T Digital TV USB Dongle (DX) ( (the recommended one for Australia) when it is plugged into the Raspberry it immediately goes to the command screen and starts looping through a series of command instructions – but it just continually and rapidly loops. If the dongle is taken out the Raspberry then immediately does a normal load and start up routine.

There is only Windows software supplied with the dongle.

I have followed the processes at except that to run the program the TV dongle has to be removed. It is as though there is a form of recognition going on when the dongle is inserted but it appears to be an incomplete process. If I insert the dongle after everything is up it immediately attempts to perform what appears to be a re-start of the full system. It is a thought the PiAware zip file maybe missing or have a corrupt code for the dongle operation.

My user id for the receiver has been recognised but of course there is no data. The system software version is Linux piaware 3.18.5-v7+ #225 ……

Any thoughts as to what I have missed or what needs to be done?

The SDR you linked to isn’t the typical unit used. What chip set does that SDR use? Can you post the looping output?

Link reckons it is a RTL2832 with a R820T tuner so that should be OK.

But yeah, bug report needs actual bug report: what’s the output you see?

I’m thinking marginal power supply? There’s a measurable difference in power draw with the SDR idle and the SDR actively sampling data. In the absence of a good voltmeter to look at voltage levels (carefully, on the expansion connector for example), trying a different power supply and/or USB cable is a quick and easy test to perform


Thanks all
I tried a different power supply and the system appears to be running - although no stats yet