Military Tail Number Qustion


Is there someplace where one can check a military tail number?
I recently saw a small jet with the notation VM 6374 on it, but no indication as to which service it belonged.


Google search revealed

I didn’t get any hit on your number, but when I type just vm in, it gave me a hit for branch.



Thanks. I’d really like to find out what kind of jet it was, any idea what kind of small (non-fighter) jets they use?


It’s 166374 a Cessna UC-35D Citation V reported to be msn 0592 previously N5180C. USAF aircraft do not as a rule display the entire serial number, so a bit of sleuthing is usually needed. Joe Baugher’s site is invaluable for this: . However, since this is a USMC plane the full serial is carried in small font under the tailplane - same as USN.

Just to confirm, was it this one ?


It sure looks like it, except it was a blue-gray rather than white.

Thanks for the information!


The Marine Corp has several birds in the light grey/bue paint scheme with subdued markings. Definitely the coolest paintjob on a CE-560 series airplane.


[ 166500 ] ]( US Marines Cessna Citation Ultra (UC-35D)