Military designator

What does the WA stand for on this drone? W=Recon A=Attack?

The WA is the unit designation. Am trying to locate which unit WA is.

The official designation for this UAV is MQ-1. In the DOD aircraft desginatin system, “M” is the desgination for multi-role and the “Q” indicates an unmanned aircraft system.

Edit: According to the Air Force fact shet, the Predator is based on Creech AFB in Nevada so the “WA” should designate either the 15th or 17th Reconnaissance Squadron at that base.

AFAIK, it’s the identifier for Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo.

Not sure why it would have that designator, I haven’t kept up with where all the new Creech graduates are winding up.

Whiteman AFB is home to the B-2 Spirits and it might be that they are deployed there for the advanced “recon” role

As I mentioned above, the Predators are based at Creech. They are not based at Whiteman and deployed to Creech.

WA is the tail marking for Nellis Air Force Base - see Air Force Aircraft Tail Marking

Whiteman’s tail codes are KC and WM.


They are based where ever the Air Force wants them deployed to…it’s called TDY, regardless of tail code identity

If you look at the reference I provided, you’ll see the aircraft are based at Creech. No mention is made of the aircraft being attached to another base nor any TDY (temporary duty).

No, it’s the BASE designator, not the unit.

Not all of them are based at Creech and you hadn’t “mentioned” anything of the sort at the time I posted my original response.

No one implied that was the case.

I should have changed it from unit to base designator. Thank you for pointing this out.

According to the Air Force Fact Sheet, they are based at Creech. They may be used elsewhere but the base of record is Creech.

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What who said? Unlike what Damiross (the Minister of Disinformation) has written you and I both know that not all AF Predators are based at Creech.

The 174thFW, among others, out of Hancock Field in Syracuse NY is flying the Predator Bs.

The 147thRW TX ANG is flying the Predator A out of Ellington AFB.

The 163dRW CA ANG is flying the Predator A out of March AFB.

Ther are other examples.

The Minister of Disinformation…cool!!

Where’s your evidence? They may be assigned temporarily to those bases or they may be the reserve/guard portion of the units I mentioned.

My source of information is the US Air Force … sp?id=4094

The units you mentioned are *reserve *units - not active air force units. All the information I had was on *active *air force units. You do know the difference, don’t you?

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Hi Guys,

We need to put this one to rest. WA identifies Nellis AFB. With the stand up of the 432nd wing at Creech, the tail code for Creech AFB has become CH. We have been overtaken by events with the activation of the 432nd Wing at Creech. Yes the picture of the Predator is from Creech AFB which the Nellis AFB 57th Wing had some previous operational control. The demo Predator with WA on the tail was at the Reno Air Races and I specifically asked the demo crew where they were from-Creech AFB.

Also, all of us need to understand the roles and differences between the Air National Guard and the Air Force Reserve and become more aware of the daily missions of these units.