Milion Air


Hello everybody,

I’m trying to find out some more information about Milion Air. The info that I’m looking for is as follows…

  1. Aircraft they fly
    2.Call Sign, both the ICAO and the spoken name

If anybody can help me out it would be much appreciated

Graeme Herbert


Million Air is a Chain like McDonalds. Each one owed independently and that means different operating certificates for each charter depatment. Go to the main website and it should have a link to each chain.


Personally, I have liked all the Millionaires I have been to (1). But ya, they all vary by location. Now if you were asking about Signature… :angry:


Heh heh, I think Million Air FBO


Don’t know if Million Air the FBO and Million Air Charters are related but many of the Million Air FBOs do offers charter services.


Heh heh, I think Million Air FBO

:blush: :blush: Man, I need to quit posting on this forum.