Mile high club


What do you think about Singapore Airlines banning sex on their new A380s?

Airline bans A380 mile-high club:

It’s funny different airlines’ attitudes. This video is from Silverjet a new British business airline who don’t seem to take the issue as seriously as the Singaporeans! :laughing:


I’m betting there’s a reason this has come up…no pun intended. :laughing:


Using the news columns is an inexpensive [and sometimes very efficient] way to “spread the word”. By making a news release about this policy, attention is drawn on the comfort of the A380 First Class. The simple fact that the item showed up here proves that it’s working. :wink:

And how do you think they are going to enforce this? Will they have an on-board vice squad? Hidden cameras?


Considering the “Suite” spaces are open above, the partitions are maybe 6’ high at the most, and the shades and doors can be opened from the outside by anyone. And the fact that the cabin attendants are there for your safety first and foremost, can and will peak from time to time to ensure that your seat belt is fastened when required, etc, etc. So do you really want to make a spectacle of yourself and risk being detained for violating public indecency laws, which are taken very seriously in most parts of Asia? Sure people will try…but they better be surreptitious about it :wink:


Some airlines are very creative when it comes times to enhance revenues.

:bulb: I wonder if one may go to the point of using hidden cameras in First and selling the feed as pay-per-view in business class? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

(All those who think I’m due for a vacation, say “Aye”)


Hmmmm…Singaporn… 8)


What I admire about the one pilot in my life who inspired my love for flight, and travel, is that it doesn’t matter. What the heck you do in the air, what you fly, how you fly it, how big the seat is, what it costs, what you do in the seat, etc., doesn’t matter – as long as the SAFETY of the plane, the PIC, the crew, and all of the passengers are NUMBER ONE PRIORITY – THAT responsibility is what is sexy to me because 100% of the time, I trust it. With my life.


Unless YOU’RE one who’s makin’ the noise, who wants to hear the squeaky bedsprings, the thump-thump-thumpin’ and the moans!

“C’MON YOU TWO - GET A ROOM!” :unamused:

You reckon they “peak” at the same time as the passengers do?


They peaked just after they peeked. :smiling_imp:


Are the suites completely private (i.e. do the walls reach all the way to the ceiling)? If so then hahah what the other pax dont know wont hurt em haha


No. Re-read the topic again.



This made my day a little bit.