Mid-air reported over Arizona - C150 & Cherokee . . .

Near Coolridge Arizona - both Flight School aircraft, N994T Cherokee owned by Oxford Airline Training based at Goodyear Airport.

Local news

:open_mouth: :imp: WTF! Is it just me…everytime I turn around, the news reports a GA A/C either slamming into another A/C or some other structure. It just appears to be more frequent. All this is doing is providing more fodder for the Government to become more restrictive with GA than ever before. To a point, I’m terribly affraid, will deny us the priviledge of flying. EVER AGAIN. Just my opinion, I could be wrong…I hope.

NTSB data includes 140,000 accidents since 1962.

Last weekends NTSB the daily lists also include some incidents, but just over the weekend were 50 entries.

It’s called GPS. No one looks outside anymore.


I hate to generalize, but you are right…even pilots don’t look out the windows like we used to…

That report was extremely sobering! Of course I realize that some of those were ligit mech failures…but the high percentage seems to be related to HUYA. Head Up Your Ass. (Old Navy Flight Deck Term). Cmon, clipping trees, taxiing onto another A/C, ground looping? Like I said, nothing but fodder for those politicians to get a feather in thier cap to take away our freedom of flying, in the name of public safety. And of course, the non-flying public and those feel-gooders out there will just chime in. Sorry guys, just venting.

The spinner is gone and the cowl destroyed. But the prop looks undamaged?

It looks like tail structure from the Cessna sticking out of the cowl area also.

Any deaths?

Well, if you click the link provided you will have an answer to your question.

Oh ya, duhhhh! :blush: