Miami Air - BSK502


heyy i found BSK502 while looking at BUF’s flightaware page. it arrived at BUF from BDL at 213am on nov 22, and left BUF for Marion, illinois at 340pm. its a 737-800, any ideas as to wat this could be??? maybe a football charter??

7LV :smiley:


Football charter for the SIUC vs. New Hampshire game this afternoon.


I’m not seeing a Miami Air flight leaving BUF for MWA.

And this looks more like the Univ of New Hampshire, … /KPSM/KMWA

#4 there it is. not showing BDL-BUF anymore tho…


But that is going MWA to BUF.


I am not seeing it the same way as what you write. It looks like it departed from BUF to BDL on 11/22. I see an MWA to Buffalo flight on 11/28. It looks like this was the aircraft coming to Buffalo to take the Buffalo Sabres to Montreal: ( … /KBUF/CYHU )

Looks like BSK502 was the flight number for the aircraft leaving BUF to DEN after dropping the Sabres off after their loss in Montreal. … /KBUF/KDEN