Miami Air 737 ingests American Flag and Flagpole


October 27, 2011: A friend of mine in Ocala, FL went down to the airport OCF to join in welcoming home some WWII veterans on an Honor Flight returning from Washington, DC. After landing, the pilot of the 737 N742MA had the American flag and pole waving outside the cockpit window briefly, then dropped it on the tarmac. My friend was recording this but stopped his recording just before the left engine ingested the flag and pole. His daughter, standing nearby recorded the event as well and caught the ingestion. The aircraft remained at OCF for a couple of days while repairs were made to the engine. I put both videos in one and submitted it to youtube.

Picture shows aircraft during repairs.


Job Opening!!


My neighbor works for them! I’ll ask of they’re hiring.


I’m wondering if it was a company supplied flagpole.