Mexicana A318's being flown to MZJ from MEX today.



Anyone know if they’re being scrapped or resold?

Frontier is already scrapping some of their A318s, less than 10 years old.


Kind of surprising from an airline that ran 25-year-old B732’s when the “new” Frontier started service…


May just not be a market for used A318s. I believe I have heard the same for the CRJ-100/200. The used market is so saturated with them, you can’t give one away.


All of F9’s planes are leased, so I wouldn’t really say they scrapped them, more a reflection of the market for that type. The Shortbus isn’t significantly cheaper to operate than the 319/320’s so it just doesn’t make sense to keep. F9 is trying to replace them with A320’s, the only reason they have any 318’s left is because they can’t get out of the leases.