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MetarEx Nearst Station


I´m trying to have the nearts station for some airfields but no result was found and when I take a look at the website from FlightAware I can find it, any idea ? Airport ID as an example are SWTS, SDOK, SJTC, the same applies to TAF informationn…Tks…

The MetarEx function only searches for the specific airport you request, and does not attempt to locate nearby airports with weather. Your application will need to be designed to know which nearby airports to automatically try instead.


Tks for you answer but in your website I´m able to find the nearst airport, see attached an examaple. The same information that you have on your website is not available in your API ? Another question about the API, The API does not bring the flight rule that you have in your website (VFR, MVFR, IFR and LIFR) ? Tks…

You should not assume that all functionality exposed on our website pages can be replicated using purely FlightXML2 API calls.