METAR beta test


The new METAR page is wonderful. I would change my home page to FlightAware if the opening page were national radar and the metars were just one click away.



Doesn’t do this?

Or maybe if I understand you correctly or expand on your idea, maybe get Flight Aware to set a cookie to remember the last airport keyed in so you don’t have to rekey the airport and just click the get metars button?


Can’t you use as your home page, assuming you want to use CMH for the METAR?

You would have the METAR page has your home page. You would also have the tracking options available on the left hand side of the page.

Don’t forget that if you use Firefox as your browser, you can also have several home pages open up at the same time through the use of the tabs. (Set up the pages on different tabs then go to Tools - Options, select the Main tab, and click on “current pages”)


That could work, although the first image would be textural instead of graphic. If the national radar image were the default and it showed my destination as magenta, then I would not need the METAR - I would not fly.


Looks like my way would have the META at hand and the radar one click away - just opposite of the way you want it.

One word of advice: Because FlightAware does say it is a beta, I’d wait until it was out of beta to see what happens.


One click away ain’t bad. I will use your suggestion for a while and see how it flows. At present I use “” and it pops up graphical flight conditions across the country. Like radar it gives a quick snapshot of the weather and radar is a click away.


Lancair, if you’re using Windows, you might consider setting the page you want as your “Active Desktop” (through Control Panel). That way, it will be your desktop background picture and you won’t even have to have a browser open [assuming you’re always connected to your ISP via broadband].