Memory utilization

It appears that, since you’ve added the new map styles, the memory utilization is high and runs wild. I typically have 2-6 Flightaware tabs open in IE7 - and throughout the day, as the maps refresh, memory utilization and page file utilization continue to increase. Today, after running for about 4-5 hours with 5 tabs - mem usage was 472,000K and page file utilization was 1.75GB - which of course, brings my computer to a snail’s pace.

Anyone else having this issue?

Have you considered moving up to IE8? It has fewer memory leaks and a button to act just like IE7 for a given page if the compatibility concerns you. It also separates each tab into its own process so you could more easily see where memory is going. Is 472MB the total usage of the iexplore process?

Sure - I can try IE8. Yes - 472MB is the total iexplore.exe process