Memorable aircraft types from the past;


[N220MT] Aerospatiale Corvette SN.601
[N131JA]Dassault Falcon 20E of Japan Air Lines
[F-WAMD]Dassault Falcon 30
[N880EP]General Dynamics Convair 880 (Elvis Presley)
[N7ES]HFB 320 Hansa Jet
[N626BL]Lear Fan 2100
[N329L]Lockheed Jetstar Prototype - twin engine Jetstar
[N12241]Lockheed Jetstar 6 of Eastern Airlines
[N4AZ] McDonnell MD-220 biz jet
[N950PB]McDonnell Douglas DC9-32 of Playboy
[N760X]Morane-Sauliner MS760 Paris
[N743R]North American Rockwell Sabreliner 60 of Continental Airlines
[MM61953]Piaggio PD-808 biz jet designed by Douglas
[N1001U]Sud Aviation SE210 Caravelle
[UR-ISD]]( Yak-40

and a couple of modern aircraft;

[HB-JEG]Micheal Schumachers 22 million dollar Falcon 2000
[M-AGIC]Great registration on this Cessna 680 Sovereign


N16FM You forgot one: Fouga CM-170 Magister (I used that one because it was based out of my old airport.
And, hey I was just flying a Sabreliner. :open_mouth:


Forgot several. No list of classic birds could be complete without these:
[G-BOAC] Concorde
[N1011] Lockheed TriStar
[N769TW] Boeing 707
[N8097U] Douglas DC-8


As operated by Millardair of Toronto from Jan 73 - Jan 75, now resides on the bottom of Portage Quarry in Ohio as N171GA for recreational scuba divers.YouTube 36 second video.