Mc Carran Intl toMc Carran Intl?

I noticed that OPT893 flew from Mc Carran Intl to Mc Carran Intl, and it took 48 minutes. Any idea why it did this? And no, it wasn’t diverted. it was scheduled to fly that route.

Maintenance check flight? Sightseeing ride? Flight training?

Considering its a Hawker 800, that would be a pretty expensive sightseeing ride. Probably not flight training since its a Flight Options jet. I could see it being maintenance.

Flying Elvises.

Seeing as the plane hasn’t been flown in a month, I would be willing to bet it was a post maintenance check flight. I can’t imagine any other reason for a Flight Options plane to be parked that long, unless it is for sale, and that was a test flight for a potential buyer.

Sounds reasonable.