Mayweather vs Canelo one tour




Mayweather still delayed in Houston, supposed to be here at the Alamo for press conf. w/Canelo


What’s the reason for the delay? Did they emphasize it? 1 day more to go and we’ll gonna see the much awaited fight that most boxing fans and enthusiasts are waiting for.


Probably so brain dead from fighting that he didn’t realize he needed to be on a flight. Same thing for his fans. Why the hell anyone would want to box or watch people box is beyond me. It and other fighting “sports” are so barbaric.




True. Barbaric yet still people are watching it and they’re enjoying it.


Is that an excuse or a reason? By that logic, any general street beating should be held in some sort of venue and admission could be charged.


“Street beating” is not a sport.


UFC is pretty close


And I contend neither is boxing…