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Mayday fair-mindedness?

I love Mayday, Air Crash Investigation, because of the easy way to explain extreme situations about real flights. It’s useful to make people more conscious about the security procedures. Nonetheless I don’t know if the 100% of the cases analyzed are described with impartiality. One example of a not so open-minded episode is the famous and deadly case of Itavia IH870, in Italy. The episode was called “Massacre Over The Mediterranean”, the flight happened the 27th of June, 1980. For the people who know precisely what happened, the episode contained lots of false arguments, in disagreement with the trials going on. For the people who don’t know the story, I suggest to find the italian Wikipedia page and to translate it.
After the last trial, in Italy the episode was canceled. I hope this great TV program won’t make wrong episodes in future not based on the truth of investigation.

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