I am a student at Boston University. Come the end of this semester, my group for an introductory programming class is in need of flight cancellation statistics/data for a final project.

The issue, however, was that we need to call it in MATLAB and could not find an example for calling the API on the FlightAware website or other internet resources.

Any help would be appreciated, as we could not find another API that would work as well as this one.

Thank you for your time!



You can call webservices in MATLAB with


Thank you for the prompt response!

I have been using the webread function in Matlab along with my FlightAware username, password, and api key but regardless of what I try I still get an ‘authorization required’ error returned.

Not sure if it’s a simple error or some greater, overarching oversight by me.


The community can’t help very well if you don’t post your code.


It is likely you are using a method not allowed on the starter plan. If you could provide what method or query you are making, we can confirm this.