masive changes in data starting from june error or?

Ok, On june 5 i replaced my previous amp ,a cheap TV amp that normaly works from 50 to 950 mhz for a SAT LNA amp ,950 to 2300 mhz.
with the thinking, this should always be better.
but after a while i actualy noticed a drop in feeder reports , so i took a screen shot and posted it in the topic i made.
but i noticed a weardness ,the reports droped massive, but the aircraft seen ,kept stable…
So the 16th, i replaced the sat lna again for the tv amp NO CHANGES to GAIN setings where made to the PI dump1090 aplication.
only the mlat was turned on again.

this picture shows the data from the last day i used the sat lna.

and this data show the data it collected with use of TV amp again.
time i made screenshot was 11AM xD

now i am getting confused, why didnt the reportfeed shoot up again.
where there changes made on this site, or what is messing with the reports received from my location.
ok, in the initial test it seems that i lost 10 planes, but after puting back the old amp, no changes.
so, what is going wrong here ?

Too many variables. Are you running the same software? Is flightaware running the same software? Are you receiving the same on-air data?

In particular if you have changed piaware version then you probably have a new version of faup1090 which has different position-reporting rules.

The most obvious explanation, though, is that you introduced a physical bad connection somewhere when you rearranged things.

So, not an identical setup.
If you turn mlat off, does it change things?

(It should not, unless you have CPU problems…)

no change in setup.
no change in antenna, or its position.
only swapped out amp.

as far i can tell, i didnt do a upgrade at all, when it works, i let it work.
MLAT was on with TV amp, i turned it off with sat amp, but when i noticed the drop, i turned it on again, did even a reboot…
there is how every something new for me.
when i go to my account, the 6th option is new for me.
the positions only view, this is turned off…when reading correct, not a smart idea to turn it on.
imho i think i keep track of this, and after 2 weeks or so, i replace it to the sat lna again.
bcouse the aircraft seen, kept stable on the same amount, only reports dropped.

MLAT, on this website that is…

Over the past two days my positions received have dropped (from around 30k to 8k) pretty dramatically. Unlike you I have not made any changes to equipment or software. Very strange. Have you figured it out?


as say’d only amp swaped out.
planes and adsb planes seen kept steady, only reports.
no changes whith MLAT on FA activated either.

litle interesting update.
i juest readed, that around the time my problems started.
there was also a new update on piaware 2.03
can it be posible that THIS couses the problem in report drop !

As I said: If you have changed piaware version then you probably have a new version of faup1090 which has different position-reporting rules.

in that case, i guess that is my problem.
i have configed it here so auto update is enabled, and just noticed the new release (yea, i must shame my self for not seeing it early’r)
problem solved i guess (but still weard)