Mary Schapiro

Is this lady, the latest Obama Cabinet appointment, the same lady who once served in the FAA?

I seem to remember a lot of aviation people were criticizing a lady who led the organization several years ago but there is nothing in Schapiro’s resume stating FAA service nor is she listed as an administrator.

Who do I have her confused with?

I just looked up her bio and I didn’t find anything connecting her to the FAA.

Jane Garvey

Were you with PanAm? Ah the great memories…

LAX to Syd via HNL and Fiji…Hong Kong to old airport in Tokyo, nothing like that turbulance lol.

Roast beef carved to suit in the upstairs dining room…

Damn. And to think I travel SW air now.

Mary Schiavo. Was the IG for the DOT. Called the FAA the “Tombstone Agency.”

Never with Pan Am. I just think it was a great airline, especially prior to the 1970’s.

I remember looking at their timetables (still have some) and see flights 811 and 812. The routed between LA and Hong Kong the long way - via the South Pacific, Australia, and Indonesia!