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Mars Helicopter

Since ICAO gave the Mars Helicopter a flight (IGY-1), Call Sign (INGENUITY) and it’s own airport (JZRO), will FlightAware show tracking for it? :crazy_face:

If not, y’all are missing out on a fun opportunity!!


The problem is Internet access on Mars. AT&T says they’ve got gigabit out there, but you know how that is—probably only a single martian that’s got it… :rofl:

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Flightaware has already found a volunteer for a feeder there. But they are struggling with the shipping cost and time

Yep, Fedex Air and UPS Air won’t work because there’s no air. :sweat_smile:

Neither will Amazon Same Day delivery work :slight_smile:

No UPS Ground either?

The road hasn’t been built yet. :rofl:

Well, cooling the Raspberry Pi4 over there won’t be an issue I believe…