March-May Schedule Expectation


Is the January flight reduction (roughly 200 a day) expected to be held down with tomorrow’s early March through May schedule announcement.


What airlines are you refering too?


Southwest?? United??


I thought this post was going under “Southwest-News”. Does Southwest expect their reduction in the number of weekday non-stops which is roughly 3400/day through the end of the year to 3200/day from Jan through March. My question was "Do you think Southwest will hold the number of weekend non-stops from March through May to be held down to roughly 3200/day.


This entire thread should have been under “Airline News-Southwest”.


Easily done :wink:

You inadvertently clicked “new topic” rather then post reply while reading the thread. That caused a new topic thread to be created under Airlines forum rather then your (my guess) intended new topic under the thread Southwest airline news.

Much to the chagrin of some, may this be the worst of any mistake we all make in our everyday lives :stuck_out_tongue: