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Map of points used by FA?

I think it would be informative to see a map showing the points used by FA on a per receiver basis. I know we can see the points used by following the links to particular paths, but it’s be nice if they were graphed, too. If such a thing already exists, can you point me to how to view it?

I’m asking partly because I just viewed a path containing one of my points that’s 130 miles from my location. It’s in a wedge that I see most of the traffic in my area going. To describe the web, imaging a line connecting El Paso to New Orleans, and another connecting Houston to Denver. Most of the traffic my receiver picks up is in the acute angles formed by those two lines. More traffic seems to go along the El Paso route, probably because lots of Los Angeles, Phoenix, etc., traffic all goes over El Paso to avoid Mexican air space. But the more distant ones seem to be along the path toward Denver.

I’m actually surprised not to see more traffic between Waco and DFW.

Have you checked that area on skyvector.com to see where the normal routes are?

No, but that’s not really relevant to my question. Also, I pretty much know where the planes get picked up by letting planeplotter leave trails behind the planes that are picked up. I’m interested in the pattern of those points that actually get picked up by FA. I’m guessing that virtually none of the points I pick up in Dallas County for example will get used because there are probably many closer ADS-B receivers that would pick them up and are probably preferred over my data. Anyway, I’m interested in the pattern that’s actually picked up. It doesn’t necessarily match the normal flight paths.