Map Labels Changed

Was there a change to how labels are displayed on the default map when navigating to “My ADS-B”? It seems more difficult to read now. I don’t have anything to compare to, but I get the impression that the margin around the fonts was changed. This lowers the contrast for the map labels making it hard to read.

Just my imagination, or is anyone else noticing this?

Changing the subject, I just received a raspberry pi 3 and set it up with a new receiver. I figured the best way to test antennas was to have two setups and run them at the same time. MLAT is not working, though. Do I need to just wait for the servers to catch up and notice the new device? It’s been paired (per claim your device page). However it doesn’t show up in my main stats page. I can view local traffic by entering the local address in my browser.

I’m assuming I need to just wait, but it’d be nice to get confirmation.