Malaysian airlines in financial crises future bleak


We all have heard many theories and reports about this airline since the recent incidents of two aircraft from this airline which by the way I might add belongs to the Malaysian Government who owns most of it. I have read many articles from the media giants or papers well known to us all. Some are ex saturated far beyond the story it’s self but that’s Jurno’s for you getting the fame they get for attention of the people around the globe. Just recently I read the headlines again about suspending shares on the stock exchange for MAS (Malaysian airlines system) and a few squawks recent ones who have reported this as well. But in reality the airline is bleeding to it’s death not just over the two incidents with two of the same type aircraft 777-200 jets but the financial problems they have. You have to take into factors that suspending shares only prompts the airline into more deeper trouble most airlines survive on share holder dividends and what ever they make from seat sales or aircraft sales or leases or retirement of aircraft being sold cheaper if that is the case. To maximize there debit MAS or the Government can inject money into the airline if they really want to as it’s one of there capital gains for making money. I noticed they have a large number of aircraft in there fleet but they need to size down there ordering to cut there costings. In other words make do with whatever they have and mostly they have a modern fleet of aircraft. Some routes are less profitable using bigger wide bodied multi engine aircraft not even half full. Now if the put a twin jet aircraft on these routes it would save money fuel and be more economical to run. Now getting back to the MH370 incident. we all now something is terribly wrong here aircraft this size cannot disappear of the face of the earth without a trace. Recent events are being pointed at the US military for shooting down this aircraft and then the plane being spotted flying low over this in habitable island? I think in reality the US have not shot down this plane at all I cannot see them doing this when there allies and people from countries including government officials were aboard this aircraft. Hijacking? possibility but wouldn’t rule it out. If this was the case most would declare the have hostages and would threaten the country of blowing up the plane or landing it some where until demands are meet. my conclusion is that the aircraft did de pressurize causing the breaking up of the aircraft which would have dived into the Indian ocean a versed wide ocean with deep casvas
in them so it has to be there some where but strangely no wreckage exists on the top of the water? :question: :unamused:


I can see your good points as a share holder but i feel sorry for you at this time when the Malaysian Government has suspended trading on the stock exchange. But doing this puts the airline in real doubt over it’s financial crises. The shares will drop and they won’t be worth much if the way the airline continues to take a dive. It points to relevant s here and a Question that many seem doesn’t get answered truthfully or won’t be revelled. I can say I agree with you that the US Military couldn’t have shot down this aircraft at all as it was in it’s own corridors or air space at the time it disappeared of radar. If the airline does not wake up to it’s self sooner it will be to late for it’s survival if that happens. The Malaysian Government cannot be trusted we know this but would it sacrifice it’s own airline a icon of there country privatising it won’t help it one bit with it’s losses. But cutting routes bigger jets would benefit from this. I flew them from Kuala Lumpa to NZAA on a B772 aircraft recently in Economy class so many seats empty but coming back it was nearly full a week later. But however the restructure would mean cutting jobs routes and senior management down. Will have to wait and see what eventuates over coming months. :frowning: :question:


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