Main Page Photo

Is the new main page photo edited to include the jet blast coming out of the engine? If that is occurring “naturally” then so be it. But if this is an effect added for the website, I think it looks somewhat tacky and takes away from the high quality and crispness of the rest of the photograph, and it would look better without. Just my opinion!

Looks fine to me, but I’m no expert.

Is it “yes - it looks tacky” or “yes - it is natural” or ??

To me, it looks like natural. When you get hot air coming out of a jet then you are going to see heat waves.

The photo is unedited.

OK good to know.
Just a suggestion.

Why even bother PSing the jet wash since they do it anyway???

As a photographer its nice to catch the jet efflux as it gives a sense of power & movement, not always easy to do however - light, angle, weather etc! The target a/c *may *look too static without that blast rearwards.
The shot on the header is untouched and very nice too (esp being a Gulfstream).

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