Main Page photo

Will this be changing like every week or month now?

We’d like to change it every month or so.

Keep uploading great photos so we can update it. :slight_smile:

Are you guys looking for any specific pics?

I’m gonna be at SEA, STL, DAY, and DFW so if there’s anything there that you want. Lemmy know.

We generally prefer shots when the aircraft is off the ground… something that makes it obvious the aircraft is moving (and trackable!).

LOL! Lucky that particular Gulfstream is trackable.
Would have been ironic to show a pic of one that is err *‘cough’ *blocked.

Photographers to get due credit for the shots??


Yes, they get a “Submitted Photo used on FlightAware Main Page” endorsement which will show up on their photos pages and in the forums.

I noticed it hasn’t been changed yet. wasn’t it going to be like every month?
Also, maybe consider having sort of a slideshow of the top 10 pics on the main page.

Trivia about the Gulfstream on the front page: this is the aircraft that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin flew to Ohio on for the VP announcement this past August. N222GY was the aircraft being discussed on every news outlet in the country.