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LXTerminal emulator

I would like to run an emulator on my Windows 7 Workstation to be able to directly connect to the RaspberryPi, but don’t know much about emulators or what steps I would take to connect. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I use a VNC connection to get the full RasPI graphical user interface (GUI). SSH if I just want a terminal. I think you are asking for the full GUI.

Install is easy. Here is one of many example tutorials:

Followed instructions above. Getting “Connection was refused by host computer.” I threw in the ports on my router… still no joy. Thoughts? Did you make any additional mods to the Rpi?

One of the items in the instruction contains "Note the “rpi3:1” bit. rpi3 is the name of my Raspberry Pi ". My question, what command line instruction do I use to determine the name of my rpi?

It’s available (to you) on flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/flyimay

Have you tried PuTTy from chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgta … nload.html

This is a character mode tool, but is really all you need and the Pi (like most Linux boxes usually) needs nothing done to make it ready to accept the connection.

One thing you might do - before you log in select colours from the menu, then tick ‘use system colours’ - then save that setting

then see here for the basic commands to get you going

raspberrypi.org/documentatio … ommands.md