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LXJ - Bombardier Aerospace/Business Jet "Flexjet": CHANGE?

Is it possible for FlightAware to change the descriptor for LXJ flights?

The current descriptor is ***Bombardier Aerospace/Business Jet “Flexjet”***. On December 5th, 2013, Bombardier sold its Flexjet operation to Directional Aviation Capital and the company will now be known as FlexJet, LLC. I would suggest the descriptor be changed to simply ***Flexjet LLC “FlexJet”***.

The term “/Business Jet” in the current descriptor is particularly confusing for some, as Flexjet’s flights under FAR Part 135 are operated by partner BJS - Business Jet Solutions "Solution." Same aircraft and crews, just a distinct separation of operational control as required by the FAA. This relationship will continue under the new ownership.

Do you know if there’s a new 7340 out reflecting the change? The latest I see online is 7340.2D from March 2013 which has the Bombardier name.

The “Business Jet” part in the current “Bombardier Aerospace/Business Jet” is actually from the 7340’s “Bombardier Aerospace D/B/A Bombardier Business Jet” rather than reflecting the BJS 135 business.

Thank you for the insight. I was unaware of the existence of the 7340 document.

I have alerted the team in charge of our company’s name change to this issue and have urged them to file an amendment with the FAA. Evidently, if it is submitted by April 3rd, late July is the earliest it would be published in 7340.2E.

I guess I wasn’t the only one who took this seriously. Evidently, there is an HTML document which is updated more frequently than the PDF copy. Our new company information is here, under LXJ:


Can FlightAware use the information in this document to update our company descriptor? Or if they typically check for changes on a specific schedule, when can I expect to see this change made?

Thanks, we use the publications for verification of claimed name changes.

The company name will be updated on FlightAware Monday at 6p Eastern.

Great! Thank you for your help.