Lufthanssa TA A300-600?

i didn’t know they could make it across the atlantic?


According to this, the A300-600 has a range of just over 4,000 nm, depending on the version and engines:

A300-600R - Range at typical airline operating weight with 267 passengers with 370km (200nm) reserves and standard fuel 7505km (4050nm) with CF6s, or 7540km (4070nm) with PW-4000s.

A300-600 - Range at same parameters 6670km (3600nm)

Great Circle Mapper says the range from Frankfurt to Boston is 3,188 nm.

Unless it’s just coincendtal that the flight took the northerly route near Iceland, the A300-600 may be limited to 60 minutes of ETOPS (extended twin operations.

Thanks for mentioning this, cltflyer. I didn’t know Lufthansa still had A300’s. Looking at the latest JP Airline Fleets, Lufthansa has 11 A300-603’s and 3 A300-605R’s

#3 … 1373245/M/ … 1368546/M/


The AB6 is on the route again today due to on going Strikes at Frankfurt.


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