Lufthansa's A380 First Class Has The Toilet of Our Dreams...

We’re literally just coming down from our first Lufthansa A380 flight experience, and even though we were stuck with a middle seat in economy, we did manage to sneak around upstairs in the First and Business class sections.

In this A380 superjumbo plane, there’s a plethora of new features that had us saying “WHAAT?! That is awesome!” A few of these include USB ports for charging or playing media from your mobile devices in all classes, touchscreen TVs with three channels of outside live view cameras, and massively upgraded bathrooms.

The latter, the bathrooms, were obviously most crazy-impressive in First Class, whose new design wasn’t unveiled at all until yesterday, when we stepped onboard at Hamburg’s Finkenwerder airfield, the private tarmac of Airbus. To see exactly what we mean by “crazy-impressive bathrooms,” check out a video tour and our photo gallery after the jump!

I crap in it. Anything beats my pants.

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