Lufthansa Passengers Had a Nice Pillow Fight. . .


A pillow fight broke out among tourists sitting in economy on a Lufthansa airplane this summer, and even the flight attendant got in on the action, laughing and tossing out more fluffy ammunition. In the end everyone claps and laughs.

Only on Lufthansa. . . :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


“a nice pillow fight”?


“a nice pillow fight”?’m guessing youtube is broke… the links don’t work right now.[/quote]


No. Your computer is broke. . . Works for me.


Now it works. The youtube website seems to just stop working every so often.


Well, geez. I was on LH yesterday and today and didn’t see no pillows, er, I mean pillow fight.

John almost back in Saudi


You could have started one??? :wink:


Maybe your mom turned on adult filtering?

Frank Holbert


No, it usually works. I guess sometimes there are too many people using it. Whenever it doesn’t work, it says “Wiki not available.” or something like that. Seems to work fine now.


Welcome back Frank! Where you been?


Those Aren’t Pillows…