Lufthansa Cargo D-ALCH


Lufthansa Cargo D-ALCH when viewed at the following link is displaying pictures for an old Delta MD-11. Maybe it’s the same plane, but I’ve never see this happen. The second link is to a picture I took today of D-ALCH here at KDFW (Dallas/Ft Worth International) this afternoon. I see several pictures of D-ALCH that are correct.


FlightAware may be just showing a “generic” MD-11. D-ALCH was purchased new by Lufthansa. N803DE (the aircraft shown in your link) was leased by Delta and subleased to leased to World. Delta returned the aircraft to the lessor but the lease continues with World. UPS operated it for a while but it is now with World again.


The site thinks the airline is DAL instead of GEC due to the first 3 letters of the registration, so it’s picking a Delta photo. I filed a bug on this with the developers.


And, just like magic…It’s now fixed! Thanks guys for your time addressing this very minor issue…
Thanks, :mrgreen: