Lufthansa at kclt

Why does Lufthansa Alternate the a333 and the a343 on the Clt-MUC route throughtout the year…why don’t they operate the a343 year round…instead of every flight during the off season and operate the a333 on every flight except when the 343 is used on wednesday during the on season or w/e its called…next year it doesn’t look like theyll fly the a343 during the on season at all.

Please explain this too me… :confused:

They probably need the A343 for another route or CLT-MUC doesn’t have the cargo to justify it during the off-season (or both).

This flight this summer is now operating as a daily Airbus A340-600 :slight_smile: . If Usairways dropped out of star/ceased operations what is the chance of Lufthansa staying on the route…or adding Fra.

The A343 and A333 are pretty close in seats and cargo space, as the other post says…that said many airlines will sub for mx reasons, route needs… At IAD OS would do it on IAD-VIE all the time, as would SK IAD-CPH.

The A346, now that is a big bird…

As for adding FRA, my guess would be no. If they can get people there through MUC they would not see the need.