Lufthansa at BWI


Ok, I just got back from a great trip to BWI and PHL, but befroe boarding our flight at BWI, we saw a Lufthansa A330 (-200 I think) taxiing by gate B6, why was Lufthansa landing in BWI?


What day was it??? And what time???


Sorry, Today, June the 7th at 5:00 local time


Looks like a diversion. I was able to find a DLH426 departing BWI for PHL today.


Why wouldn’t they? BWI is an international airport and it’s a Lufthansa gateway.


Lufthansa dos not fly to BWI regularly.


Really? When did they stop offering flights ex BWI?

Used to be their gateway for DC. When we lived in MD I flew them to DE.

You appear to be correct as a quick search only showed me codeshare flights with USAirways ex BWI. Sad if true.


Definitely looks like a diversion of their regular Frankfurt/PHL flight.

Probably due to the torrential rains we’ve been blessed with today.


Yep, do u live in Philadelphia?


So far, all the Euro traffic BWI gets is KEF and LHR


About half an hour east of PHL.


cool, i was in Philly this morning it was great!!!


cool, i was in Philly this morning it was great!!!


Hope you were able to get a cheesesteak while you were here.


Only if you or your mother are driving!

More like 45 minutes.


I did, i wasnt about 2 leave Philly without enjoying one, I ate at a bar and grill called Jon’s on South St. and we stayed at the Sheraton Society Hill we only had 1 day, but will definetly be coming back this summer


Did you get to the Franklin Institute?

It was one of cfi’s favorite places in his youth, especially the 707 and the Baldwin locomotive, we used to have his birthday parties there.


No, didnt have time, we only saw South Street and The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Where else should I go when I return?


Didn’t know Lufthansa flew between Maryland and Delaware!

(Yea, I know you probably mean Germany and are using DE as the country code for it.)


Simple…Because they can! I am a funny chicken!