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Lufthansa A388

We will be flying FRA- JHB on LH572 which is a A388.
I have a Bose headphone which I prefer to use. What type of headphone adapter ( number of prongs) if any, will be required on Lufthansa A388
Y class.


I think, they have these two connected AUX ports (small AUX). So, you can decide if you want to hear left or right (with your bose headphones). But they offer headphones on board. I don’t know, if they charge you for that. Like always, I can’t guarantee for any of my words. But I’m pretty sure.
Hope, It isn’t too late…

Thanks masterofdirection.

Much appreciated.

Are you going to JNB (Johannesburg) or JHB (Johor Bahru, Johor)?

Going to OR Tambo International Johannesburg.