Low flying American Airlines Boeing 777.

Was out and about in Santa Monica and saw a very low flying aircraft to/from LAX. Looked on here and saw it was an AA flight flying at 2,000ft (usually all en-route planes over SM fly at 4,500ft-5,000ft). Any idea why that AA 777 was flying so low?? Its flight number is AA #182.

Yep. On the downwind path to 24R/24L, after passing by the SMO VOR, aircraft are descended to 2500ft before turning base (3500ft for 25R/25L). What you are seeing is normal. The tracker for the flight didn’t indicate any problems, so they may have tried to get her in in front of another heavy or Super.


Ok thanks. Didn’t know about that info.

Pattern altitudes are up to the desecration of the FAA and the airport complying with the surrounding noise ordinances.

Was that an example of auto-corrupt spellcheck or sarcasm font? :smiley: