Lost Site last night - Flashing green

site went offline last night, got the notice when I woke. Went in to location and the green light is just constantly flashing. Dropped power and powered up same thing.

Trying a reflash of card now.

If that isnt it. Ideas?

PI B+ about 4 years old.

why not ssh - that is the fastest and simplest way?

I didnt create the SSH under boot. I was wondering if there was an access to pi without
pulling the card and adding the file.

I have a linux laptop rather than my windows 10 desktop

→ pull the card - and throw a blank text file named ssh (without extension) into boot
→ re-apply the sd-card into pi
→ reboot pi
→ ssh into and use my code

you have to delete your post otherwise your id will be visible in posts history …

edit: of course you also can add the line ‘feeder-id YOUR_OLD_FEEDER_ID’ to /boot/piaware-config.txt but then you have the ssh-problem again when you want to access the pi next time …

ok going to pull the card.


sudo piaware-config feeder-id YOUR_OLD_FEEDER_ID
sudo shutdown -r now

what did the -r do because it wont restart now?

-r = restart :slight_smile:

OK My side its all green
flight aware its all green. I guess the new id will just have to age off now.

Ive a temp Power supply now. But Ill see about getting a better
power supply to replace the failed one.

anyone have suggestions?

after 48 hours not feeding you can delete the site. the original raspberry pi3 power supply is very good.

You have to delete following post also, else anyone clicking over edit symbol (area circled by me in red in screenshot below) can see all edited data. Just try it yourself.

these new forums are a bear.
its why I dont visit much anymore.