Lost Cabin Pressure & steroid testing

Two of the world’s best tennis doubles teams survived a safety scare when their private jet lost cabin pressure. It could have been a “Payne Stewart situation.”


Feeling light-headed and euphoric at 9,000 is quite a bit of melodrama.

Cabin pressure set to 8,000 or so is pretty typical at any altitude and oxygen isn’t even required to be provided to passengers until 15,000. Light aircraft regularly cruise up to and including 12,500ft with no oxygen onboard.

By comparison, the surface elevation in Aspen, CO is roughly 8,000ft and in the town of Keystone, Colorado, it’s 9,300ft. :slight_smile:

Yeah - at just 9,000 feet, any “euphoric and light headed” feelings would’ve been caused by their binge drinking or the steroids they ingested before the flight :laughing:

what that mean every sports player takes steroids??? im not sure if you watch or like sports but not every player takes steroids. so don’t go ragging on something you probablyy dont know anything about. You probably think this because of Bond’s, but like i said not all sports players take steroids. Think twice before you say something. :angry:

C’mon man… I was just kidding - thus the big smilie at the end of the message.

i dont really care, being a (highschool football player) and having are team including me tested for steroids because of a D2 team being the best in the state and we all passed and having people talk $h*t about us now just because of a big team. We were in the paper because of this and people still talk bad about us. Im just saying this because of what happend. Its really not that fun of a topic. All im asking is to keep it on the DL.

Let’s continue this issue with the prevalence of drugs and alcohol in fatal civil aviation accidents between 1994 and 1998.

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/quer … t=Abstract

If you plan on continuing to play football when you get to college, get used to being tested.

drugfreesport.com/files/Year … tingQA.pdf

Oh, and of course, what with you being a “jock” and all (*****), there’s the mandatory “Sensitivity Training” you’ll have to endure as well.

(***** Meaning you’re a steroid filled boob to many in university administrations!)

Yes, it only takes a few bad apples to ruin people’s perceptions of athletes at the high school and university levels.



filled with roids yeah right i weigh 170 bench 205. AND im filled. Dude what did you play in highschool??? i can take heat going into other schools people kicking our gear and telling us to get the F*ck away and crap like that. trust me i know what im talking about. has thatstuff ever happend to you “???” i dont think so. so before you say learn to take the heat why dont you go find out what it trully is.


Reread my post without taking it personally! I was being SARCASTIC!

What did I play in HS? Football! AND that was when we went BOTH ways, offense and defense! I weighed 225 and benched 355! (I stand 6’6".)

Happen to me? “Dude”, there were two schools we regularly played where the entire field was surrounded by cops due to the fights that would break out on and off the field. It got so bad that we eventually played to an EMPTY stadium as both student bodies were banned from attending.

I have two daughters who competed at NCAA Division I schools. One was a pre-med student on a Dean’s scholarship. But, because she competed on the gymnastics team, many in the administration among both professors and staff viewed and treated her as a blonde.

The other daughter was on an athletic scholarship for her entire college career and was put through a LOT of NCAA imposed crap. But she overcame it and eventually was the no. 7 ranked pole vaulter in the US and number 16 in the WORLD, and represented the US two years in a row as the guest of the Japanese Olympic Comittee and the Taiwan Olympic committee.

'Nuff said.


its nothing to be sarcastic about. so you said you were tested so i you probley passed. How did you feel? did the other towns make you get tested or was it part of the school drug testing? congrats with your kids i bet you feel proud. But what we faced was like the Duke rape case but hometown state thing. we all passed and people still talk about it. i can’t ware my t shirts of football state champs gear without being approched only to hear we don’t deserve it and this is comeing from other parents. It puts bad raps on our sports because of this. So it makes it hard to live like this and still playing. All i was asking was to stop the talk about steroids because i dont need to hear it on here as well. Sorry for all this now i want to put it behind and hope next season brings a 3peat to our state championship and 4th straight divison title.

So of 1,683 pilot fatalities, less than 1/2 could POSSIBLY be attributed to some sort of “substance”. OTC “drugs” were found in 18% of them, but Vivrin and No-Doze could be classified as an OTC drug.

:bulb: Given that MORE than 50% of the fatalities did NOT have any type of substance in them, could we conclude that it’s SAFER to get all hopped-up on meds before preflighting the plane? :wink:

steroids is a pretty loose term, technically speaking ibuprofen is a steroid.

what the hell- I’ll play along Meek.

even though the last post of this thread was WAY back in April of 06.

Anabolic Steroids,
you are in the medical field right? Prednisone, ibuprofen, clobetasol etc are not Performance enhancing.
Now I know your response was a rebuttal to the ever so old post above, but regardless supplements such as Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) can induce an Anabolic state but then again so can creatine…
Hum I guess I take performance enhancing drugs. Damn can someone add an Astrix next to my post number?

well nobody said anything about performance enhancing or anabolic. but if you are on them or need them, go to mexico, much cheaper. And dont mail them back to your vacant next door house, and dont leave a note on the outside of the box that says ok to leave outside the door, just to avoid the authroities.

Creatine is legal in the USA, that is what I was talking about.
It’s easier for me to get it at GNC then go all the way to Mexico.
I’m waiting for AICAR to get FDA approved then and only then will I even think about using something other then hard work at the gym.

In summary, endurance training produces metabolic and structural changes in the muscles. This study shows that AICAR can produce muscle reformation --a state influenced by gene expression (or activation), increased cellular energy and muscle fiber composition.

Two types of muscle exist: Type 1 (slow-twitch) and Type 2 (fast-twitch). Type 1 burns more fat (oxidizes fatty acids), is more resistant to fatigue – due to an abundance of mitrochondria producing cellular energy – and increases with endurance training.

Type 2 muscle fibers contain fewer mitrochondria, fatigues more easily, burns glucose and is commonly found in obese and sedentary individuals.

Science Daily, among other sources provided, provides a digestible in-depth explanation of the way AICAR further works at the cellular and metabolic level to achieve increased muscle endurance.

It hasn’t even had human trials and the Olympic anti-doping has already banned the drug and the French Anti-Doping Agency said that they detected it in SEVERAL of the riders during the Tour De France, also that most of the riders looked very skinny.

I seen it in Nova ScienceNow back in July and haven’t deleted it from my DVR.