loss of a friend

For those who have had the pleasure of flying in or through his airspace it will sadden you to learn that Scott Embury, tower chief at KGYY has passed away at the age of 59. Scott was a great controller whose mannerisms and sense of humor will be missed by all.

I did my training at Lansing, IL (IGQ), just southwest of GYY, and I continue to fly out of Lansing when time and money allow. My instructor taught me to land at GYY, worked with me on tower communications at GYY, and arranged for me to visit the tower. When I take someone flying for the first time, I love flying along the Chicago lakefront and show them the skyline, and of course, I transition GYY’s airspace on my way. I may very well have spoken with Scott, and I may have even visited him in the tower. It’s always a pleasure to be in contract with a controller. It’s always nice knowing that there is someone else listening or watching. It gives a sense of security in that you aren’t alone. My condlences go to Scott’s family.