Looking for Old Thunderbirds or Blue Angels Video


Another strange trip down memory lane, and I’m hoping someone can help me with it:

WAY back - I believe when the Pioneer Laserdisc was actually out and fairly new - there was a video of either the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds that seemed to run in an endless loop at the AV equipment stores. I really don’t remember which acrobatic group it was anymore, but what I’m looking for was a scene in the piece that made an impression on me, even at a relatively young age. In there, they showed the debrief for a show, and all crew members sat at a table and went around, one by one, and assessed their own performance. What stood out to me - at least as I remember it! - was that every crew member began their own critique with “glad to be a member of the team,” or something to the effect, then did their own assessment, and closed with the very same phrase.

I have a group of people who could stand to see an example of this, and this video clip has been in my head as I think about it. I just don’t know which group it was, and what the name of the video was, and would love it if this registered with someone who could tell me.

Thanks in advance.


I’m going to guess “Threshold: The Blue Angels Experience”

I saw it once in a theatre back in the 70’s and you can find the trailer on YouTube with a simple google search…