Looking for information on flight #'s and airplane catagory

It’s two seperate inquiries.
#1) I’m looking at ATS’s ( now Ryan Air Services - RYA) and in thier flight number columb they have the word “FLAG” listed what’s that mean?

#2) I’ve also looked at the cargo sched for ANA Cargo. In their columb for aircraft ( for example on a partner flight QJ1320) the aircraft listed to flight it is “RFS”. What’s that?

RFS is Road Feeder Service. Are you seeing that on our site?

Is this the page you are looking at: atsak.com/servlet/content/fl … dules.html

“Flag” would indicate an optional stop - a stop that the aircraft would make if there is cargo to pick up or drop off at a place that the aircraft doesn’t normally stop.

I don’t see “flag” listed in the schedules.

Ahh thx for the info rw812. Well I had the flight schedule from when it was still ATS. Looking at this one, looks like it got reduced some.

Mduell, thx for the RFS information, and it’s not on flightaware. I just needed to know in the case I needed to add it in for my VA. I have a schedule for ANA cargo and that’s where I seen it. http://www.ana.co.jp/cargo/en/int/air_info/timetable/pdf/int.pdf

Most of the all-cargo airlines and many of the cargo/pax airlines operated RFS. When looking at the schedules, be sure to check the decoding of abbreviations and symbols - usually within the first few pages of a timetable but also quite often on the bottom of each page of the timetable.

In many cases there will be a footnote to a timetable that indicates the conditions for a flag stop.

Yea. I’ve looked them and figured out some stuff. Just a few that puzzled me. Also I’m wondering FA doesn’t track VFR do they? I’m looking up Ryan Air and can’t see what plane was flown on a flight.

We can’t reliably track VFR flights.

We don’t have tail number information for Ryan Air or Ryanair.

Okay, thx! I’ll just plug in the aircraft I chose then.