Looking for airspy expert

I have found that the common link between some new gear, of why it is not working is one of my airspys. 2 separate working antennas, is that when either new PI4’s are connected to the same airspy, no signals. Hooked up to the other airspy, both PI4’s work on either antenna…

Question, how do I fault check the dodgy Airspy??


And fortunately, the other possible problem despite the Airspy, was the 3rd antenna lead, but I have just confirmed, with the good airspy, that antenna system is working ok…phew one less problem after hopefully sorting out dodgy airspy.

Why don’t you contact the Airspy support?

Thanks for the reply Obj. I just cancelled that option. Of course there is one other possible cause and one I did not real think might have been a problem, it was a dodgy lead. Both airspys working fine now and the lead was not all that old either. Any way all good :slight_smile:


Just note that I am not @obj.

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