Looking for airplanes for lease


I am opening my own flight school soon and am looking for a plane to lease. If anyone knows a leasing company(anywhere) or someone looking to do a leaseback in the massachusetts area please let me know. I am looking for a low wing preferably and something with good to great avionics. GPS preferred. I am looking for something like a cherokee, warrior of similar.




I would think any of the manufacturers would be glad to point you in the right direction. Some local banks will handle a relatively small lease, most are not interested in 737’s but a Cherokee may work for them.
As far as leasebacks go I would pass the word around among any Doctors you know. In order to have any meaningful tax advantage the owner would have to be fairly well off. Most pilots don’t fit that bill… :frowning:


Good train of thought John, but given the current state of the economy and the existing tax laws, there is almost Zero incentive any more for an owner to subject themselves and their aircraft to the vagaries of a leaseback.


I agree, these days I would imagine most flight schools own most of their airplanes. The few leasebacks are probably owned by die hard aviation buffs with too much money!